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Monday, December 17, 2012

#25: Christmas Marathon: 7 days left

 7 Days 'Till Christmas!

So recently I was browsing through Nerdy Girl Makeup and I found a post for a Christmas Makeup Look and It was so cute that I couldn't resist posting this.

Connect the end of the liner to a bow and place a red gem in the center
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance (to prime lid)
- MAC E/S in “Ricepaper” (highlight)
- MAC E/S in “Humid” (entire lower lid, just below crease)
- MAC E/S in “Juxt” (apply with a small fluffy blending brush just above crease, where Humid and Ricepaper meet)
- Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel in “77″ (upper lash line; create a wing and then draw a bow, with one end connecting to the wing)
- Maybelline The Falsies Volum’Express Waterproof Mascara in “Very Black” (two coats on top and one coat on bottom lashes)
- Swarovski flat back crystal (red crystal on center of bow; apply with Duo Eyelash Adhesive)
(taken from

I just loved this look a lot but I altered my own look and added a little bit of red the eyeshadow to add a little more Christmas feel to it. I'd love to see your Christmas look because you only have 7 days left to come up with one worthy enough for the holidays! I add the next Christmas Marathon post by Friday because I already know this will be a busy week for me!  The last things for the Christmas marathon are

  • A quiz for giving the perfect gift
  • A prep for the holidays
  • A last minute sale update
  • Maybe a giveaway (it depends)
I hope you guys have fun putting on the last touches to your Christmas decorations!

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer...

~Fashion Guru~

Thursday, December 13, 2012

#24: Christmas Marathon: 12 days left

12 Days 'Till Christmas!

On the first day of Christmas this guru gave to me, a fun headband that filled me with glee!

So I haven't been able to live up to my "post every single day" promise, but I am not abandoning any of the fashion addicts out there! Lately, I've been sick and pretty busy, so I decided to do something simple today by making antlers! Whoa, I didn't mean REAL antlers! Silly you, I meant antler headbands!
Okay, here we go!

4 Brown Pipe Cleaners
A hot glue gun 
A pair of scissors
Plastic or cloth headband 

Step 1: Find a plain headband in the color and design of your choice. Tip: Cloth headbands can get messy when using the hot glue gun, so be careful!

Step 2:  Twist the ends of two brown pipe cleaners and shape them into a large V shape. 

Step 3: Cut one pipe cleaner in half and another pipe cleaner into fourths.

Step 4: Take a half piece of pipe cleaner and a quarter of a pipe cleaner. Twist the quarter piece onto a half piece to form a Y shape. Do the same for he other half piece and another quarter piece.

Step 5: Twist the ends of one Y shaped pipe cleaner halfway up the inner side of the V pipe cleaner. Do the same with the other Y pipe cleaner onto the other inner side of the V.

Step 6: Take one of the remaining quarter pieces and twist it about 2 inches up onto one of the inner sides of the V. Do the same onto the other inner side with the last quarter piece of pipe cleaner.

Step 7: You have made your  antlers! Now use a hot glue gun to attach the base of the antlers (vertex) to the center of your headband.  

Tip: If you want to secure the antlers, add a piece of felt brown cloth to the center of the antlers at the base with your hot glue gun. Make sure the cloth wraps around the headband!

And voila! You have your own custom made antler headband that you can alter and decorate as many times as needed!

Some people get pretty intense...
Amazing Antler Headbands

This mini tutorial was pretty simple, so I hope you have fun using different kinds of personalized materials like thick cloth instead of pipe cleaners, glitter, some cool designs, maybe some bells to attach to the tips of the antlers...

Dashing Through the Snow...

~Fashion Guru~


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

#23: Christmas Marathon: 21 Days left

21 Days 'Till Christmas!

  Well, yesterday, I showed you all what to look for when shopping for your holiday party dresses, and today I will inspire you with some holiday nail art tutorials, which brings me to mention that the Featured Blog of the Month is Beauty Care Me! This beauty blog has some very great material and inspired me to redo my nails. Unfortunately, I'm not as artistic with nail polish as she is, so I don't think my nails would be a good example, which is why I am redirecting you to some of Beauty Care Me's Holiday Nail Art Tutorials!

{Click on the nail tutorial to view the video} 

I hope these nail art tutorials help you decide the theme for your latest holiday ensemble. I'm about to re-do my nails so that I can finally show them to you all, but I doubt I'll get them right. Until then...

Jingle all the way...

~Fashion Guru~

Monday, December 3, 2012

#22: Christmas Marathon: 22 Days left

22 Days 'Till Christmas!

To kick off the Christmas Marathon, I'd like to show you the latest Christmas-inspired trends!
This holiday always makes me think of Mean Girls

Classy Santa DressChristmas Dresses for Juniors 2012

Need I mention that RED is the color of the season?

Well I hope this gave you a little inspiration to go and shop for those Christmas party dresses. It may seem a bit too early but trust me, these dresses find homes fast. 

Until then,

~Fashion Guru~

Saturday, December 1, 2012

#21: Guess What?!

It's December 1st and today, is the Official Public Viewing of iMakeupGuru! 4 posts have recently been added by beauty bloggers around the internet, and more will come soon! I hope you all enjoy this amazing new experience and I will continue to post frequently.

On another note...

I would like to tell you the answer to the trivia.
Q: What is the color of the year?

Tangerine Tango has been seen as the theme color for many weddings, parties, and just plain ol' color schemes for outfits. Many websites have even declared Tangerine Tango as the color of the year, also.

Onto more interesting news...

Christmas is in 24 days!!!
That means that every day up until Christmas, I will post something to help you prepare for this amazing holiday! I don't mean like my previous preps. I'm talking about where to get the best ornaments, Christmas trees, presents, clothes, hats, gloves, jewelry, cookies, and carrots (those reindeer need to eat food, too!)

So stay tuned every day to read about the awesome Christmas posts and get in touch with your inner Holiday Spirit!

Dashing Through The Snow...

~Fashion Guru~
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